Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan Examination Results

The Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan passed its examination with some major amendments. You can view a  copy of the Examiner’s Report on NDDC’s website at

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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are part of the process that the Government started with their Localism Act. The District Councils produce what is called the Local Plan, detailing where there will be new development both industrial and residential; what infrastructure will be needed to support the development and how to make all of this sustainable and environmentally friendly. The towns and parish councils (with as much input from the community as possible) then produce their Neighbourhood Plans which define some of the details. They are not supposed to disagree with the District Council’s Local Plan.

If they have to agree with the Local Plan what is the point of a Neighbourhood Plan?

It may not be able to change something in the Local Plan, in our case the development on Dorchester Hill, but having a Neighbourhood Plan allows parishes and towns to make certain that any developments abide by assured guidelines on matters such as design, parking etc. and can also highlight areas of infrastructure that are causing concern.