Submission Plan

B+NP Submission Plan and supporting documentation

You can download a copy of the Submission Plan, associated documents and evidence base by clicking on the relevant link below:

Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan 2011 – 2033 Submission Plan (January 2019)


Blandford + Basic Conditions Statement (O’Neill Homer 2019)

Site Selection Background Report and Appendices (Updated Jan 2019)

Urban Vision Enterprise CIC Report (2018)

Blandford+ Consultation Statement (O’Neill Homer 2019)          Appendices

B+NP2_Reg 14 Report with Appendices (O’Neill Homer 2019)

Final SA/SEA Report (AECOM, Jan 2019)

Habitat Regulations Assessment (AECOM Jan 2019)


Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2015 – 2031 (Version 1, Withdrawn)

Blandford + Neighbourhood Plan 2015 – 2031 Examiners Report

Preliminary Development Options Report & Maps (July 2018)

SA/SEA Scoping Report (AECOM, 2018)

Dorset County Council Pupil Planning Statement (Updated Jan 2019)

North Dorset District Council Proposed Housing Sites Landscape Impact Assessment (2010)

Retail and Town Centre Report (2018)

Retail and Town Centre Report Appendix A: Existing Uses

Blandford+ Commercial Situation Report (2018)

Blandford+ Health Background Note (2019)

Local Green Spaces working group report (2015)

Local Green Spaces Study (2019)

Green Infrastructure Network report (2016)

Blandford Forum Conservation Area Appraisal (Draft – June 2018)

Heritage working group report (2015)

Design in Blandford Forum (2015)

Design in Blandford Forum Update Report (2018)

Crown Meadows Background Report (2018)

Design in Blandford St Mary (2015)

Design in Blandford St Mary Update Report (2018)

Design in Bryanston (2015)

Design in Bryanston Update Report (2018)

Tourism Update Report (2018)

Community Facilities working group report (2015)

Community Facilities Update Report (2018)

The National Planning Policy Framework (2012)

The National Planning Policy Framework (2018)

The North Dorset Local Plan 2003-2011

The North Dorset Local Plan Part 1 (2011-2031)

The North Dorset Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2014)

The North Dorset Issues and Options Consultation Document (2018)

The North Dorset Issues and Options Sustainability Appraisal (2018)

The Cranborne Chase AONB Management Plan (2014-2019)

The Dorset AONB Management Plan (2014-2019)

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) in North Dorset (2010)

Responses to NDDC Call for Sites 2017

The Brownfield Register for North Dorset (2017)

Eastern Dorset Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update and Review (G L Hearn 2015)

Economic Growth Strategy for: North Dorset, West Dorset and Weymouth & Portland (2017)

Dorset Waste Plan Examiners Report and Main Modifications